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  • The holiday seasons are right around the corner and books make a great gift! Think about giving a book as a gift this holiday season! Help create a community of readers!
  • Your child should be reading a minimum of 10 minutes a night (with adult assistance as needed)… this will help them develop into lifelong readers!
  • Remember even with a holiday vacation, we should still be setting time aside to read. Time off from routine can set some students behind, and they can struggle to get back to the normal routine.



This month’s reading tips…..

Lay a strong foundation for reading success- Reading Comprehension

If you were going to reupholster your sofa, you wouldn’t just choose a bolt of fabric, buy a staple gun and then get to work. You would do a little planning first. That would involve learning about all the materials and tools you need to do a proper job. You may even decide to take of course in upholstery. The point is you would educate yourself by gathering all the information and training needed before you get started.

Helping your child develop good reading comprehension skills involves the same type of planning. In other words, you need to give them the tools they need to apply to whatever kind of book you’re reading together.

Before reading a book about ocean life, for example, first talk to your child about how fish are different from mammals and have to live in a water environment. Preview the text to find unfamiliar words like “gills” and “vertebrate” and explain them before you start reading. Talk about the fish you may have seen in a pet store or at the beach. You can even go the extra mile and take your child to the local aquarium. Does this sound a little extreme? Not at all – teachers do it all the time! Just trust that these steps will go a long way in comprehension development. (Retrieved from www. k-12 11/10/15)

Happy Holidays!


– Mrs. Cruz – Reading Specialist



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