Preschool Application

Preschool Application

Hudson Integrated Preschool Application

School Administrative Unit 81
Hudson NH 03051

Applying for School Year: 

Student Name:

  Student Date of Birth:                                  

  MM/DD/YYYY    Student Gender:   Male     Female  


Home Street Address:    Home Phone Number:   


Guardian/Parent Full Name: 

Guardian/Parent Full Name: 


Guardian/Parent Email:   

Guardian/Parent Email:   


Child lives with:



Does your child have any siblings in the district?


Does your child have preschool/daycare experience?

Yes                        No 


If "yes" please complete the following:


I give permission for the school district to discuss my child with previous preschool/daycare providers:

 Yes             No

Describe how your child adjusted and participated  in the preschool/daycare setting: 

How does your child react when left in the care of a non-family member?:

Does your child currently nap?

 Yes         No

How does your child interact with other children?

Does your child prefer to play alone or with others?

How does your child adapt to changes in location and activity?

My child does not like to:

My child's strengths are:

My child's fears/challenges are: 

My child communicates by:

Please list any allergies or other medical concerns:

Is your child toilet trained?

 Yes         No

Is English your child's first language 

 Yes        No   


Does your child speak in sentences? 

Yes        No

Can other children and adults understand his/her speech?

Yes           No                      


Please share any other information you feel we should know about your child:

Please indicicate your preference:

 I prefer 2 days per week

I prefer 4 days per week

Either 2 or 4 days per week is fine



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