How to Help Keep Your Child Motivated

How to Help Keep Your Child Motivated
Posted on 01/01/2019

Six strategies can keep your child motivated
You don’t just want your child to learn. You want your child to want to learn! Motivation is part of being a successful student.
Here are six strategies that can motivate your child to do his best:
1. Stay involved. When parents are involved in education, kids do better in school. Make sure you monitor study time and communicate with the teacher regularly.
2. Have a positive attitude. Let your child know you believe he can succeed in school. And if he struggles, work with the teacher to find solutions.
3. Promote independence. Give your child age-appropriate freedoms. Let him choose between two places to study, or whether to do homework before or after dinner, for example.
4. Correct mistakes in a positive way. Don’t say, “You seem to struggle with spelling.” Try, “You spelled everything right except these two words! I bet you can learn them with practice.”
5. Give specific compliments. Don’t say, “I like your handwriting.” It’s better to say, “Your report is written so neatly. I can tell that you really took your time.”
6. Add more to learning. Let school lessons spark your imagination. Visit some age-appropriate, educational websites with your child. Take a trip to the state capital, do a science experiment or figure out a waiter’s tip together.

Published with permission from The Parent Institute
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